Cute Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend

Talking dirty to boyfriendCute love quotes for your boyfriend are an excellent way to show your true emotions regarding the person you love. Love is a feeling that cannot be explained, defined, but, merely experienced and sensed. Sometimes love can make you scream and cry and other times it is the light of your life.

When you are in love with someone, you will certainly want to express that love to your darling, to make him know he is loved. Many times, heartfelt and simple words of affection will be more valued than a costly present. Presented below are some Cute Boyfriend Texts and some Sweet Boyfriend Quotes that are famous.

Examples of Love Quotes to Send Your Boyfriend.

>>>>> As we change with age, as you and I grow older together, one thing will always remain the same…I will never stop loving you.

>>>>> My sweetheart, you know you happen to be my best companion. You know that I really love you and I’ll do whatever you want me to do for you, let nothing ever come between us. The love I have for you is genuine and strong.

>>>>> People say that one only actually fall in love just once, however I do not believe that. Each time I set my eyes on you, I fall heels over head in love yet again!

>>>>> Each time I hear you speak; I hear one more reason to hold on to you forever!

>>>>> We were given: 2 eyes to see. 2 legs to walk. 2 ears to listen. 2 hands to hold. However why only 1 heart? It is because the other heart was given to some other person.

More Examples of Love Quotes.

>>>>> And if everything crumbles, I will know in the innermost part of my heart, the dream that mattered the most had come true. You loved me in this life.

“Think He’s Satisfied?  Wait Until You Try THIS Stuff Out…”

>>>>> The love I have for you is a voyage, beginning at forever, and finishing at never.

>>>>> Before you came into my life I never understood what it was really like, to take a look at somebody and for no reason smile.

In love with you>>>>> Thanks for your charming love. You will never truly understand just how much you are loved. And how happy you make me.

>>>>> If I understand what love means, it is all because of you.

>>>>> How much love do I have for you? Let me work it out. I love you to the breadth and height and depth my soul can attain.

Ways to Send Love Quotes to Him.

If you want to send your special someone your favorite love quotes, presented below are creative methods to do so.

>>>>> Bake a Nice Cake: If you’re special someone enjoys your baking or cooking, you can bake cakes as well as pastries. Take one of the Cute Boyfriend Texts that you intend to send to your lover. Frost the quotes in thick vanilla icing or toffee. Also, you can make use of different letter-shaped cookie slicers or cutters to spell the passionate love quotes.


>>>>> Sew or Knit: Put your talent to work and create a special shawl or sweater for your special someone. This gift is ideal to keep him tight and warm obviously in a windy cold day. A good way to share the Sweet Love Quotes for your boyfriend is by stitching the letters in small or large fonts depending upon your preference. In addition, you can attach your initials so as to personalize the shawl or sweater.

My Favorite Way to Use Love Quotes.

>>>>> Electronic Cards: About two decades ago, sending cards was mostly done by parcels. These days, cards are sent electronically via the internet. They are more expedient and faster. Also, you can select the melody and images that you wish to attach to the electronic card. You can make use of templates as a guide. Still, if you intend to send electronic cards to a special someone it is more courteous to personalize your card.
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Select a design as well as love quotes for your boyfriend that you think he will appreciate. These love quotes for your boyfriend must have caused you to fall deeper in love with your sweetheart. You can also find lots of love expressions and loves that will make your boyfriend happy in movies and literature.

Cute Texts to Send Your Boyfriend.

Cute Texts to Send Your BoyfriendOne special thing to do in a relationship is to use cute texts to send to your boyfriend. Both young men and women and boys and girls communicate primarily by text messages these days. Texts are simple and easy to use and can communicate interest from both men and women.

Those who choose to communicate by text can get their message across simply and easily to the other person. Many people also communicate with their boyfriends and girlfriends primarily via text messages. There is a great deal of information available as to how to communicate with the other party via text message.

There are some really cute texts you can send to your boyfriend to let them know you are thinking about them and they are in the forefront of your mind. Cute Boyfriend Texts or a few Sweet Boyfriend Texts to send to your boyfriend are a nice way of letting them know you care.

Are cute Texts to Your Boyfriend Cheesy?

You must bear in mind that cute texts are not cheesy pickup lines, but messages that convey sincere interest in the person. An example of a cute text that can be sent is something along the lines of “I know why my hands are so twitchy, there in yours, come to me soon, Hun.

texts for boyfriendAnother message that communicates affection for your beloved would be something along the line of “You are the one that I think of so many times a day I can’t even count them.” I love you kisses and hugs. Another one could be something similar to” I know I will be seeing you in 3 hours and 16 minutes…I can’t wait until then sweetie…you are the best.”

Cute Text Messages for Your Boyfriend.

>>>>> Can be found online.
>>>>> Can be made up.
>>>>> Can be something that is partially made up from quotes already out there.
>>>>> Can be romantic but not cheesy.
>>>>> Make them messages to show your guy that you really care.
>>>>> Use these messages to show your interest.

>>>>> Be careful with using Seductive Texts.
>>>>> Don’t over use them but make them something special between you and your boyfriend.
>>>>> Have fun with developing and sending these cute message texts.

Some Facts about Text Messaging.

Text messaging is something that gotten a great deal of scrutiny lately because of experts saying you can really plant subliminal messages for the one that you love by sending them texts that are designed to inspire passion in the object of your affection. Many people may be able to use these messages to inspire love and passion.

However, in terms of a new relationship or someone that you maybe just started to date, you are not going to want to put graphic texts out. You may wish to simply let your boyfriend know that you care about them and are thinking about them.

Some More Examples of Texts to Send Your Boyfriend.

Sending Cute Text Messages to your boyfriend are non-threatening ways to let them know you care and send the message that you really like them, and that they are important to you. One would be “You are you, and that’s why I love you.” Another cute message would be something like “A fire may die but the flame in my heart will burn for eternity.”

love textsAnother might be something like “Words can’t express how I feel when I see your face or hear your name.” Have fun with cute texts to send to your boyfriend, make some up that appeal to you if you are poetic, or find some online that you like. Either way, give your guy the message that you really care, and that you are thinking about them all the time. You don’t want to make them too graphic.

Sweet Text Messages to your boyfriend are really easy to come by so using them is something many women and girls might want to think about. It is a way of showing appreciation for someone who is significant to you. Many people will use these texts to remind their boyfriend how much they care. The fact that they are easy to find and to create should inspire people to use these texts to let a loved one know how much they mean to them.

The Best Examples of Text to Send to a Guy

cute textsIf you are a girl and do not know what text to send a guy, you must become aware that there are many possibilities. If you like a man very much and you want to flirt with him, you have to become familiar with modern ways of flirting. Texting is a common way to talk to people today and many relationships start with a few words in a text message. In fact, there are strategies that could help you win the heart of a man, but you must learn to send the right messages at the right time.

The first impression can be the most important, because you will rarely get a second chance. If the first message seems too desperate, arrogant or long, you could push the guy away. If you use the right words, you could make him curious, but you must show him that you are a desirable and busy girl.

Usually, you may be in need of help if you cannot raise the interest of a guy in you enough to consider you more than a friend. You have to use the power of words to create attraction, but this means that you have to be mysterious and hesitant. Even if the euphoric feelings make you want to tell him all kinds of things, you can ruin a good start if you do not have the patience to be discrete and. Use the right text to send a guy.

First, you can learn what is not suitable to send:

“Hello, what’s up?”

Through this type of message you will not obtain much reaction. The normal response would be: “Not much, what about you?”. If the message seems that is part of an interview or an interrogatory, it will be really boring for him.

imagesCA69FA1O“I am so bored”

This is definitely not the best text to send a guy, because you can put him in an awkward situation, in which he may be forced to write you back something interesting. You should provide value, not ask for it.

The following are examples of what you should write in a message:

Write Something Funny

Instead of the casual “Hi, how are you?”, you could write something like “I just saw someone falling on the street because he was too focused on writing a message on the phone”. If you can make a guy laugh, a lot of other efforts to make him want you are avoided.

“Who is this?”

You can write this even if you know each other, continuing that you changed your mobile phone and his number was lost. After a simple apology, the power will be yours.

“Sorry weak signal, talk to you tomorrow”

This is a great way to raise his curiosity level. If you plan on calling tomorrow, do not. He will for sure.


The word can be an answer to an important invitation from his part.

“Nice to hear from you”

This is a line that you can use for guys who take long to reply. If you write this, they will get the feeling that you have been so busy and dating so many others since you talked to him, that he will feel forced to write more often. You have to really mean what you write, without sarcasm.

Thank you sexy“Thanks sexy”

If you have ever been with someone who always says “hey baby” or “hi sweetie”, you can understand that he will be flattered and feel proud of writing to you. But, in the same time, he may wonder if there are other guys that you text the same things to.

You can also follow some simple tips regarding text to send a guy. For example, he must always be the last one who sends a message. If you see that this does not work no matter how much you are trying, there is something else that you can do: stop texting him right in the middle of the conversation. He will surely write again.

Your messages should be a short as possible. The last thing you want is to write an entire book and he may not even reply. One word messages, such as “nice” or “wow” can be great. The more mystery you create and the less effort you put in this, the more positive results you will see. If you need examples of text to send a guy, the ones above can be the best.

Romantic Things to Text Your Boyfriend

Romantic Things to Text Your BoyfriendBefore you begin your day or head off to bed at night, you need to think of romantic things to text your boyfriend. This is a way of letting him understanding how special he is to you, how you think of him every time and it is also a way to show him that you love him. Try one of these Cute Boyfriend Texts.

Communication is very important in every relationship. Not only is it a way to of showing the love and affection that you have for each other but it is also a way to settle issues that are pondering your relationship.

There are many things you can say through texts or rather SMS. Days have changed and sending some Sweet Boyfriend Texts is easy and fast. It is not like some time back where people used to write letters to each other which could even take weeks before being delivered. Thanks to technology. You can now convey a message to your loved one and within a minute, you’ve relayed the message and got your feedback.

Are you Shy When Expressing Your Feelings?

Never feel shy to express yourself to your boyfriend. If you don’t express your feelings, he will think otherwise; maybe you do not feel anything for him or maybe you are too busy with your own things and he doesn’t count. This will make him go out for another girl who he thinks she will give him the attention he needs and you will end up losing him because of your own making.
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If you have nothing in your mind to text him; maybe you are not creative enough or you are too busy, you can look at the following romantic messages and text either of them to your sweet boyfriend.

Romantic Things You Can Text Your Boyfriend.

>>>> Good morning my princes or good morning handsome- popular romantic things to text your boyfriend in the morning.
>>>> I miss that romantic sweet deep voice of yours my love.
>>>> Hey my sexy boy, I miss your hugs and kisses.
>>>> When am with you, I am blind to other guys or, you the only guy I want to spend the rest of my life with- are among the sexiest romantic things to text your boyfriend.
>>>> I’d walk a 1000 miles to spend the night with you my love.
>>>> Wish I was that sheet on your bed, that way I would feel you are on top of me…I miss you.

>>>> I always think of you every time I open my eyes in the morning and as I close my eyes to sleep at night. You never depart from my mind.

Some More Romantic Thing to Text Boyfriend.

>>>> Babe, are you aware of where you are right now? You are on my mind. Can’t stop thinking of you.
>>>> I wish I was there with you, to hug you tight instead of sending you this Cute Boyfriend text.
>>>> I dream of you even when we are apart and when you are with me…you make me lose my breath.
>>>> Dream of me tonight or I will dream of us tonight- these are other popular romantic things to text your boyfriend before you sleep.
>>>> Even though I have nothing to say, all I know is that I thought of you today.
>>>> God sprinkles nice seeds as a blessing to the world. I am lucky I got one and that is you…I love you and good night.
>>>> If am told to make a wish right now. I would wish to be in your bed right now.
>>>> When the breeze blows my hair, I feel like you’ve just blown me a million kisses.
>>>> If love is happiness. Then this is love that I am feeling right now- also among the Sweet Romantic Things to text your boyfriend.
>>>> Every day I fall more and more in love with you.
>>>> Am sending you few starts to sweeten sleep and brighten your night.
>>>> My dreams have always been colorful ever since I met you.
>>>> You will always be the love of my life. There is no one who is worth your place in my heart.

These are just a few of the many romantic texts you can send to your boyfriend. You can as well think of other romantic things to text your boyfriend and make him think of you every second of his life.
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Sweet Texts to Send Your Boyfriend

Sweet texts to send your boyfriend can be the glue that tightens your bond and keeps things interesting. With time, the closest and most loving marriages do start to feel stale and tired and a husband and wife need to find ways to make things feel new and exciting again. Working, being a sister, best friend and other things to other people and other daily routines and obligations can take centre stage and push away the time or inclination to be loving and cozy.

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Rather than shut each other away and become distant and resentful, the changing feelings need to be put on the table with a view to making adjustments that will make for rebuilding and restoring the relationship to a close and loving one. One way to do this is to make up or get some sweet texts to send your boyfriend. To help you get started I have some examples you can use right now on Cute Boyfriend Texts and some Sweet Boyfriend Texts.

Some Sweet TextsTime to Send Some Cute Texts to Your Boyfriend.

Sometimes, if your boyfriend becomes preoccupied and distant and you may feel neglected and lonely and begin to act out the negative feelings by pulling away, criticizing or nagging. This is when open and direct communication comes in and can salvage the situation. Saying something like “I feel neglected by you these days and I miss you and how close we were” is direct and non-critical and will open up communication.

This may be hard to say face to face. If so, take advantage of technology and send him a text message. One will most likely get an equally honest response like “I’m preoccupied with this project at work and I know I haven’t been around as much. It will be through on Friday and we can go out on Saturday night and spend some time alone together, OK?”

Hinting About What you Have in Store For Him in a Text.

If you get this kind of response, say amen and take things to the next level. Send him one of the Sweet Boyfriend Texts I suggested earlier. You can also find free lines and phrases to use from the internet. Hopefully, this is where the problem is at but if it has been a gradual and silent relinquishing of each other and the relationship over years, then more serious measures will have to be taken.

What to Include in Those Sweet Texts to Send Your Boyfriend

Ensure your Cute Boyfriend Texts convey one or all of the following:

Show Affection: Telling him what you have in store for him when you see him, like an affection real hug where you hold your partner for a moment like you are holding something really precious close to your heart instead of the quick customary one or none at all, be sure to include a lingering kiss when you have to be parted at the start of the day or are reunited at the end of one and a cuddle and talk time every night will be a start towards getting close again.

dreamsGive Your Boyfriend the Attention He Deserves: After years together, it’s easy to assume that you know everything about your partner and stop paying attention. Start to really listen to them, reading between the lines and taking note of every little thing as if they were new to you.

A key ingredient to use in drawing close to your partner again is intimacy. If it has become routine and boring, go back in time. Remember how exciting you found your partner back then and take note of what exactly you found so enthralling about them. Tease them about these things, tell them how much you liked them and miss them. Check out these 12 Killer Tips on Seduction to really liven things up.

Send Some Sexy Texts to Your Boyfriend: It could be that they took the time to look great in lingerie, to get clean before coming to bed, to give a massage, to bring dessert to share in bed or to whisper naughty nothings in your ear. Going back in time will hopefully take you back to a time when things were great but if not, employ the services of a sex/relationships expert to help restore your relationship.

Familiarity and a long time together can be something to build on and be proud of. Decide that you will keep stoking the fire with the tips above and the fire will never die but burn with surety and reliability you can count on. If you want to be really bold and naughty include a photo in your text!

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