Sweet Texts to Send Your Boyfriend

Sweet texts to send your boyfriend can be the glue that tightens your bond and keeps things interesting. With time, the closest and most loving marriages do start to feel stale and tired and a husband and wife need to find ways to make things feel new and exciting again. Working, being a sister, best friend and other things to other people and other daily routines and obligations can take centre stage and push away the time or inclination to be loving and cozy.

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Rather than shut each other away and become distant and resentful, the changing feelings need to be put on the table with a view to making adjustments that will make for rebuilding and restoring the relationship to a close and loving one. One way to do this is to make up or get some sweet texts to send your boyfriend. To help you get started I have some examples you can use right now on Cute Boyfriend Texts and some Sweet Boyfriend Texts.

Some Sweet TextsTime to Send Some Cute Texts to Your Boyfriend.

Sometimes, if your boyfriend becomes preoccupied and distant and you may feel neglected and lonely and begin to act out the negative feelings by pulling away, criticizing or nagging. This is when open and direct communication comes in and can salvage the situation. Saying something like “I feel neglected by you these days and I miss you and how close we were” is direct and non-critical and will open up communication.

This may be hard to say face to face. If so, take advantage of technology and send him a text message. One will most likely get an equally honest response like “I’m preoccupied with this project at work and I know I haven’t been around as much. It will be through on Friday and we can go out on Saturday night and spend some time alone together, OK?”

Hinting About What you Have in Store For Him in a Text.

If you get this kind of response, say amen and take things to the next level. Send him one of the Sweet Boyfriend Texts I suggested earlier. You can also find free lines and phrases to use from the internet. Hopefully, this is where the problem is at but if it has been a gradual and silent relinquishing of each other and the relationship over years, then more serious measures will have to be taken.

What to Include in Those Sweet Texts to Send Your Boyfriend

Ensure your Cute Boyfriend Texts convey one or all of the following:

Show Affection: Telling him what you have in store for him when you see him, like an affection real hug where you hold your partner for a moment like you are holding something really precious close to your heart instead of the quick customary one or none at all, be sure to include a lingering kiss when you have to be parted at the start of the day or are reunited at the end of one and a cuddle and talk time every night will be a start towards getting close again.

dreamsGive Your Boyfriend the Attention He Deserves: After years together, it’s easy to assume that you know everything about your partner and stop paying attention. Start to really listen to them, reading between the lines and taking note of every little thing as if they were new to you.

A key ingredient to use in drawing close to your partner again is intimacy. If it has become routine and boring, go back in time. Remember how exciting you found your partner back then and take note of what exactly you found so enthralling about them. Tease them about these things, tell them how much you liked them and miss them. Check out these 12 Killer Tips on Seduction to really liven things up.

Send Some Sexy Texts to Your Boyfriend: It could be that they took the time to look great in lingerie, to get clean before coming to bed, to give a massage, to bring dessert to share in bed or to whisper naughty nothings in your ear. Going back in time will hopefully take you back to a time when things were great but if not, employ the services of a sex/relationships expert to help restore your relationship.

Familiarity and a long time together can be something to build on and be proud of. Decide that you will keep stoking the fire with the tips above and the fire will never die but burn with surety and reliability you can count on. If you want to be really bold and naughty include a photo in your text!

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